Valve and Paid Addons

Valve have a reputation of making money from other people’s stuff, that’s pretty much Steam in a nutshell (sorta). So, all of a sudden, people start loosing their heads because Valve is being Valve? People just want something to moan about at this point, and they’ve picked Valve / Steam.

So, I think that paid mods are fine, in fact, better than fine. It’s a great idea. Without a platform like Steam, many modders wouldn’t even exist. Paid mods are great, and supporting these modders are great. Valve love to support the community, and that’s what they’re doing here. Valve have always supported mappers, modellers, designers, ect, by adding some of these addons into the official game, making it so players can buy items that support the modders directly, and even hiring some of these creators to work at Valve!

I know what you’re moaning about though. Valve taking a big cut from the modders? Right? Right. Well, I think this is fine too, but they could cut down on how much they take to be honest. Anyway, I think it’s fine. As I’ve said, without Valve / Steam many of these modders would not exist. Valve provide the workshop, money transaction, steam, and in some cases the OS you’re using, modding tools and maybe even the computer you’re using. This is why I see Valve taking a big cut as totally fine, nothing to worry about.

OMG AIDAN, HOW WOULD YOU KNOW, YOU’RE NOT A CREATOR!? Well actually, I’ve made a few maps. Some released, some not released, and some not finished. I would be fine with Valve taking a big cut. I, along with a ton of other modders, are not living off of people paying for these mods, and we won’t be any time soon. If you want to go into something like this full time, then the Steam workshop is not the place. The Steam workshop is a great stepping stone, and a very powerful platform to show off your creative side.

TL:DR: Paid mods are good, as they support the creator Valve, and the original game creator.

I might do more blogs like this in the future, and perhaps I’ll format them better. I’ll also possibly edit this website so it looks decent.